The city of Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden – ‘meadow baths’ – is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe and traces its continual occupancy back to a Roman fort build over 2,000 years ago. Unfortunately, fires in 1547 and 1561 raised the city to the ground so Wiesbaden’s oldest building – the former city hall – traces its history back a ‘mere’ 400 years. The capital’s architectural grandeur and historical landmarks remained largely unscathed during WWII, earning it the nickname, ‘Nice of the North’.

One of the best ways to view Wiesbaden is from atop the Neroberg and one of the best ways to reach the peak is with the water-powered rack railway. The nostalgic carriages have been making the trip up and down the mountain since 1888 and it is one of the last of its kind in the world. Views of another kind are afforded theatregoers when they visit any of the Hessian State Theatre’s stages. An unforgettable cultural experience from inside and out.

The art-nouveau Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme (bathing house) is located adjacent to the hotel and represents a unique opportunity to indulge in some well-deserved ‘royal’ pampering.

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The Rheingau

Internationally, the Rheingau (Rhine District) is most famous for its Rieslings. Locally, it is famous for the vineyards from which they come and the magnificent landscape in which these vineyards are located. The roads winding along the River Rhine and the wine valleys begin but a few minutes outside of Wiesbaden. Numerous vintners throughout the region are open to the public, many of which complement cellar tours with local cuisine and the appropriate wines.

Part of the Rhine Gorge UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rüdesheim is Germany’s biggest tourism attraction. In addition to a stroll along the town’s tavern-lined cobblestone ‘Drosselgasse’, many take the cable car or rack railway up to the Niederwald Monument. Completed in 1883 to commemorate the founding of the German Empire, the site is impressive – the views breathtaking.

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Eberbach Abbey

Those with a good eye might recognise some of the interiors from ‘The Name of the Rose’ with Sean Connery. Others will simply be mesmerised by the Romanesque and early Gothic buildings that make the former Cistercian monastery one of Hesse’s most significant architectural heritage sites.

Holding concerts in the Basilika (church), the Dormitorium, the Laiendormitorium and the Kreuzgang (cloisters), Eberbach Abbey has been the principal venue of the Rheingau Music Festival for over two decades.

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Taunus Wunderland

The charming entertainment park for families just outside Wiesbaden. Due to the location within the Taunus the park is a wonderful combination of action and tranquility.

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Tips for going out in Wiesbaden

– Weinhaus Sinz

Located in the picturesque outlying town of Frauenstein, around 7 km from the hotel, behind a half-timbered house, you can experience famous Rheingauer hospitality while being served regional specialties and excellent wines. A walk through the vineyards outside, is just the thing after a good meal and the fitting local drop. The cosiness and hospitality of the Sinz family is something not to be missed.
Tel.: 0611 – 94 28 9-0

– Bobbeschänkelche

Rustic and cosy, hearty local cuisine only a few minute’s walk from the hotel.
Tel.: 0611 – 52 79 59